macOS Monterey 硬件要求


With the initial developer beta of macOS Ventura, we've seen many drastic changes to the patcher process that creates many challenges for us. Thus we've decided to do a release of 0.4.6 which prioritizes Monterey support, before trying to tackle larger issues.

This release will not have any support for Ventura, and we don't expect to have public support for some time. See macOS Ventura and OpenCore Legacy Patcher Support for more info.

Regarding note worthy features of this release:

Resolve Bluetooth 2.1 support in macOS 12.4
Greatly speed up GUI load times
Resolve Zlib kernel panics on 12.4 with pre-Sandy Bridge CPUs
Early support for Nvidia Web Drivers in non-Metal mode
Finally, this will be the final release where TUI binaries are uploaded on release. We have no plans to kill the TUI outright, but no effort will be made to maintain it. Developers can still compile TUIs from source, regular end users should transition to the GUI.

Otherwise, we hope everyone enjoys the new release!

Full Changelog
0.4.6 Changelog (click to expand)
Fix Bluetooth support in 12.4 Release
Applicable for BCM2046 and BCM2070 chipsets
Fix backported to 0.4.5 release
GUI Enhancements:
Greatly improve GUI load times (300-800% on average)
Resolve failing to find new updates
Implement Modal Sheets for longer windows
Avoids UI elements getting under the dock
Add return to disk when selecting partitions
Add "Search for disks again" option during OpenCore Install
Prevent Idle Sleep while running long processes (ie. downloading, flashing)
Start OpenCore build automatically when entering Build menu
Standardize Application Identifier for defaults
Resolve failing to find binaries with --patch_sys_vol argument
Downgrade AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib to 12.3.1 on pre-Sandy Bridge Macs
Resolves ZLib decompression kernel panics on 12.4 and newer
Resolve AppleGVACore crashing on MacBookPro11,3 in Monterey 12.4+
Add Nvidia Web Driver support for Maxwell and Pascal
Currently running in OpenGL mode, non-Metal issues applicable
Enable Beta Blur settings on non-Metal by default
For slower hardware, disabling may slightly improve performance
Deprecate TUI support
Users may still manually run from source for future builds
Binaries will no longer be provided on future release
Switch boot.efi model patch to iMac18,1




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