macOS Monterey 硬件要求



This release is dedicated to bug fixes, no Ventura support is available with this build. See following issue for more info: macOS Ventura and OpenCore Legacy Patcher Support

Warning for Macs with Nvidia Kepler: macOS 12.5 breaks graphics acceleration with this build
Stay on 12.4 or older if your Mac has a Kepler GPU. 0.4.9 will prevent the installation of Kepler acceleration patches, instead only installing basic framebuffer in 12.5. macOS 12.4 and older are not affected, and can still be used normally.
For information can be found on the associated issue: macOS 12.5: Nvidia Kepler and WindowServer crashing #1004

Affected Models (stock):

iMac13,x (units with dGPUs)
iMac14,x (units with dGPUs)
Affected Models (user upgraded):

iMac11,x (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
iMac12,x (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
MacPro3,1 (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
MacPro4,1 (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
MacPro5,1 (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
Xserve2,1 (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
Xserve3,1 (units with upgraded Kepler GPUs)
Full Changelog
0.4.9 Changelog (click to expand)
Split Kepler userspace and kernel space patches
Only installs kernel space patches on 12.5 and newer
Avoids lock out of user, however breaks graphics acceleration
Install 12.4 or older for full graphics acceleration on Kepler
Reference: macOS 12.5: Nvidia Kepler and WindowServer crashing #1004

Asset Information
Visual GUI based app
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