VoodooPS2 触摸板驱动

新的 VoodooPS2Trackpad 使用 VoodooInput 的 Magic Trackpad II 仿真,以使用 macOS 原生驱动程序处理所有手势。 这样就可以使用 Apple 定义的一到四个手指手势,包括:

Look up & data detectors
Secondary click (with two fingers, in bottom left corner, in bottom right corner)
Tap to click
Zoom in or out
Smart zoom
Swipe between pages
Swipe between full-screen apps (with three or four fingers)
Notification Centre
Mission Control (with three or four fingers)
App Exposé (with three or four fingers)
Dragging with or without drag lock (configured in ‘Accessibility’/‘Universal Access’ prefpane)
Three finger drag (configured in ‘Accessibility’/‘Universal Access’ prefpane, may work unreliably**)
Launchpad (may work unreliably)
Show Desktop (may work unreliably)
Screen zoom (configured in ‘Accessibility’/‘Universal Access’ -> Zoom -> Advanced -> Controls -> Use trackpad gesture to zoom)
It also supports BetterTouchTool.

另外,此 kext 支持 Force Touch 仿真(在 Info.plist 中配置):

Mode 0 – Force Touch emulation is disabled (you can also disable it in System Preferences without setting the mode).
Mode 1 – Force Touch emulation using a physical button: on ClickPads (touchpads which have the whole surface clickable (the physical button is inside the laptop under the bottom of touchpad)), the physical button can be remapped to Force Touch. In such mode a tap is a regular click, if Tap to click gesture is enabled in System Preferences, and a click is a Force Touch. This mode is convenient for people who usually tap on the touchpad, not click.
Mode 2 – ‘wide tap’: for Force Touch one needs to increase the area of a finger touching the touchpad***. The necessary width can be set in Info.plist.
Mode 3 – pressure value is passed to the system as is; this mode shouldn’t be used.
Mode 4 (by @Tarik02) – pressure is passed to the system using the following formula: formula

使用Info.plist或配置SSDT中的ForceTouchCustomUpThreshold,ForceTouchCustomDownThreshold和ForceTouchCustomPower键配置公式中的参数。 请注意,ForceTouchCustomDownThreshold是压力值的上限,反之亦然,因为它对应于完全按下的触摸板。

为了使 VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext 正常工作,需要 VoodooInput.kext 的多点触摸界面引擎。新版的 VoodooPS2 已经将 VoodooInput 作为 PlugIns 插入到了 PlugIns 目录下。

在编译之前需要 VoodooInput.kext 引导程序。 默认情况下,Xcode 编译时会自动执行此操作。 如果希望自己控制该过程或使用命令行编译,请在项目目录执行以下命令以安装 VoodooInput 依赖:

src=$(/usr/bin/curl -Lfs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/acidanthera/VoodooInput/master/VoodooInput/Scripts/bootstrap.sh) && eval "$src" || exit 1



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