AirportItlwm 和 itlwm - v1.2.0-stable 正式版网盘下载



Use Apple RSN Supplicant for authentication. AirportItlwm now supports connecting to WPA/2 Enterprise networks. Credit @usr-sse2 (#311) (#349)
Partially support Apple Watch Unlock (Not tested)
Switch to MacKernelSDK
Bug fixes for iwm and iwx
IO80211Family headers update and bug fixes
Support AWDL service initialization (no further services available)
Add support for country code
Adapters that don't report country codes (iwn, 7000 & 8000 series) can use itlwm_cc=COUNTRY_CODE to select them
Support monitoring download speed
Add support for iwn devices. Credit @pigworlds (#399) (#411) (#404) (#424)
Change itlwm dependencies version to fit 10.9 and above
Change AirportItlwm match strategy to fix random kernel panic when system boots
Sync openbsd net80211 (#453)
Bug fixes for the MIRA algorithm. Credit @pigworlds (#465) (#466)
Correct iwx sending traffic ids, improved performance
Fix SSID disappering in Heliport when itlwm is associating
Use kprintf instead of IOLog to avoid missing interruptions while associating


需要搭配 HeliPort 一起使用:



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