AirportItlwm 和 itlwm - v1.3.0-stable 正式版网盘下载



This version brings significant speed and stability improvements

Implement Tx Aggregation with A-MPDU and A-MSDU
Add HT40 (40MHz) support to iwn (#516), iwm, and iwx devices
Switch to the RA algorithm for rate selection (Credit Christian Ehrhardt and Stefan Sperling)
Implement channel width changing between 20MHz and 40MHz
Force disable ASPM to prevent devices being in unsupported states
Correctly configure Tx QoS for iwx devices to eliminate stuttering when uploading
Partially implement Airport SSID nodes cache age to optimize user experience
Add retries if BSS association fails
Decrypting multicast frames will no longer generate failures on iwx devices


需要搭配 HeliPort 一起使用:



链接: 提取码: vi4e

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