Resolve app crashing on some 3rd party SAS/SATA controllers
Add Beta identifier to macOS Installer menu
Resolve showing unsupported installers in Creation menu
Resolve Macmini4,1 HDEF pathing
Increment Binaries:
FeatureUnlock 1.0.6 - rolling (d296645)
PatcherSupportPkg 0.3.1
Resolve SIP and SecureBootModel not disabling by default on some non-Metal Mac Pros
Add Content Caching support configurability
Limit SurPlus patchset to 20.4.0 - 21.1.0
No longer required for macOS 12.1 and newer
Add Universal Control support for Monterey native Macs
Applicable for Haswell/Broadwell
Requires macOS 12.3 or newer
Fix Power Management Support in macOS 12.3 Beta 1
Applicable for Sandy Bridge and older
Enforces ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin matching
Add NVMe Enhanced Power Management configuration
Disables NVMe adjustments on Skylake and newer Macs by default
Resolve Catalyst Scrolling on non-Metal GPUs
Add new TUI icon to differentiate between GUI
Resolve Color Strobing on AMD TeraScale 2 GPUs
Drops reliance on ResXtreme and SwitchResX




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