macOS Monterey 硬件要求


With today's release of 0.4.4, we're proud to announce many enhancements revolving around streamlining the patcher process for both new and existing users!

Some of the features of this release include:

Automatic Root Volume patching during installation
Allows for accelerated setup assistant
Requires installation via USB installer generated by GUI
Launch Daemon to notify users of missing root volume patches as well as mismatched OpenCore/macOS disks
Enhancements to non-Metal Acceleration patches
Due to renaming of global settings, users need to re-toggle options in settings
However as this project continues and WWDC2022 draws near, we've needed to prioritize development resources and as such have deprecated a few parts to the project:

Remove Online app variants
Now all apps are offline variants, creating less confusion on binary selection
Remove Mojave and Catalina Root Patching
Never officially supported outside of developers, if required use 0.4.3
Otherwise we hope everyone enjoys this release before macOS 13 is announced!

Full Changelog
0.4.4 Changelog (click to expand)
Lower SIP requirement for Root Patching
Sets to 0x802 (previously 0xA03)
Remember TeraScale 2 Setting on MacBookPro8,2/3
Avoids requiring toggling after first time
Resolve Electron Crashing with SIP lowered on 12.3
Adds ipc_control_port_options=0 boot argument
Unknown whether this is a "bug" or intentional from Apple, affects native Macs with SIP disabled
Resolved non-Metal issues:
Catalyst crashing after 1200 seconds on non-Metal
Automatic Light/Darkmode (credit @moosethegoose2213)
Rim improvements
Trackpad swipe between pages
Cycle between windows
Improve Display Prefpane Image
Defaults prefix change (ASB_ -> MORAEA_, reopen non-Metal Settings to apply)
Increment Binaries:
PatcherSupportPkg 0.3.9 - release
OpenCorePkg 0.8.0 - release
FeatureUnlock 1.0.8 - release
CPUFriend 1.2.5 - release
WhateverGreen 1.5.8 - release
AutoPkgInstaller 1.0.0 - release
BlueToolFixup 2.6.2 - adjusted
Speed up loading available remote macOS Installers from Apple
Skips writing catalogs to disk, loads into memory directly
Implement Automatic Patch Detection/Installation
Requires GUI for usage
During macOS Installer creating in-app, AutoPkg-Assets.pkg is installed to macOS installer
After running the installer with AutoPkgInstaller.kext, Root Patcher will install patches
Must boot macOS Installer, does not support in-OS usage
Post OS Updates:
After OS updates, Patcher will detect whether system requires root patches and prompt you
Implemented via Launch Agent in /Library/LaunchAgents will be copied to /Library/Application Support/Dortania for storage
Notify users when OpenCore is booted from external disk not matching macOS (ie. USB installer)
Disable notification via defaults write com.dortania.opencore-legacy-patcher AutoPatch_Notify_Mismatched_Disks -bool FALSE
GUI Enhancements:
Add Reboot Prompt after Root Patching
Add Disk Installation Prompt after OpenCore Config Building
Streamline GUI relaunch for Root Patch/Unpatch (remembering previous state during patching)
Grey out return buttons while performing sensitive tasks
Add Currently Booted SIP info to SIP Settings
Add Disk Highlighting during Build/Install for previously installed disks
Only list newest installers by default (reload to show older binaries)
Remove manual root unpatching
Removed due to reliablity issues
bless based reversion still supported in Big Sur+
Remove Unoffical Mojave/Catalina Root Patching
For TeraScale 2-based acceleration on older OSes, use v0.4.3
Simplify Binary options
Removes Online Patcher Variants
Offline variants are now new defaults, no longer retain Offline suffix
Resolve legacy Bluetooth Support on 12.3 Beta 4
Disables USB Address erroring on some pre-Bluetooth 4.0 chipsets
ex. ERROR -- Third Party Dongle has the same address as the internal module




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