macOS Monterey 硬件要求



This release is dedicated to bug fixes, no Ventura support is available with this build. See following issue for more info: macOS Ventura and OpenCore Legacy Patcher Support

Ensure Apple Silicon-specific installers are not listed
ie. M2 specific build (21F2092)
Avoid adding OpenCore icon in boot picker if Windows bootloader on same partition
Add error-handling to corrupt/non-standard NVRAM variables
Add warning prompt when using 'Allow native models'
Attempt to avoid misuse of option
Work-around Failed to extract AssetData during installer creation
Apple bug, resolved by using CoW into a different directory than /Applications
Avoid listing beta installers in downloader
Warn about downloading macOS Ventura installers, unsupported by current patcher
Fix AppleGVA regression introduced in 0.4.6
Applicable for Ivy Bridge-only systems
Asset Information
Visual GUI based app
Recommended for all users
Additional resources used by OpenCore-Patcher
Automatically pulled when needed, don't use manually




链接: 提取码: i3b3