比如在2013年的苹果设备安装最新的macOS 13系统的工具。

0.5.1 Changelog (click to expand)
Add support for APPLE SSD TS0128F/256F SSDs in macOS Ventura
ie. stock SSD found in MacBookAir6,x
Lax KDK N-1 logic to allow 1 minor version difference
ex. Allow 13.0 KDK on 13.1
Clean out /Library/Extensions on KDK-less root patches
Ensures old, incompatible kexts are not linked against
Old kexts are relocated to /Library/Relocated Extensions
Add OpenCore Picker timeout selection
Partially resolve MacPro6,1 support
Allows for install and usage of 2013 Mac Pros on Ventura
Currently CPU Power Management is not supported



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