macOS Monterey 硬件要求


With this release of 0.4.5, we're primarily focused on resolving issues involving today's release of macOS 12.4 to the public as well as more general fixes. These include:

Non-Metal fixes:
Double menubar clock
Non-functional dismiss buttons
VNC support on TeraScale 2 GPUs
and other cosmetic fixes
12.4 Installers not listing by default when downloading
More robust root volume patcher
Resolve Bluetooth support for BT2.1 controllers in 12.4
And many more changes we hope everyone will appreciate! See full changelog for all changes.

We hope this will be our last release before macOS 13's announcement!

And a quick thank you again to everyone who's donated to my GoFundMe, it's amazing how quickly we reached our goal! I can't express how grateful I am to everyone for giving me this opportunity. Can't wait to see everyone at WWDC2022!

Asset Information
Visual GUI based app
Recommended for all users
Terminal/Command Line based app
Only use if already familiar
Additional resources used by OpenCore-Patcher
Automatically pulled when needed, don't use manually
Full Changelog
0.4.5 Changelog (click to expand)
Fix AutoPatcher.pkg download on releases
Fix backported to 0.4.4 release binaries
Add Macmini8,1 FeatureUnlock support
Drops CPU check, supports all machines
Refactor Root Patching System
Adds preflight checks validating patch set data and presence
Adds dynamic Sandy Bridge Board ID patching
Allows for unrestricted SMBIOS usage with AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB
Adds OpenCL downgrade for TeraScale 2
Resolves VNC support (credit IronApple#2711)
Fix SecureBootModel detection
Add OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher.plist for applied patch info
Located under /System/Library/CoreServices
Lists patch sets applied including files installed and removed
Add preinstall script to AutoPatcher
Removes old patcher files before installing new
Add Serial Number Spoofing
For recycled machines where MDM was mistakenly left on
Add sys_patch file validation during CI
GUI Enhancements:
Add GUI Prompt for booting mismatched OpenCore configs
ex. Booting MacBookPro8,1 config on MacBookPro11,1
Add Checksum verification to InstallAssistant.pkg download
Fix showing latest 12.4 remote installers
Add local Root Patcher version info when previously patched
Helps notify users they already patched, or should be repatched with a newer version
Add error handling to non-standard/malformed OpenCore Boot Path
Non-Metal Enhancements:
Add work-around to double clock bug introduced in macOS 12.4
Resolve non-functioning Dismiss buttons bug introduced in macOS 12.4
Refresh Status Bar when item length changes
Add smoother transition for auto appearance
Increment Binaries:
PatcherSupportPkg 0.4.1 - release
Fix Bluetooth support in 12.4 Release
Applicable for BCM2046 and BCM2070 chipsets




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